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How AlphaZero has rewritten the rules of game play on its own

Silver’s latest creation, AlphaZero, learns to play board games including Go, chess, and Shogi by practicing against itself. Through millions of practice games, AlphaZero discovers strategies that it took humans millennia to develop.

So could AI one day solve problems that human minds never could?

Geordie Wood

When you have something learning by itself, that’s building up its own knowledge completely from scratch, it’s almost the essence of creativity.

AlphaZero has to figure out everything for itself. Every single step is a creative leap. Those insights are creative because they weren’t given to it by humans. And those leaps continue until it is something that is beyond our abilities and has the potential to amaze us.

In the future, AI systems can have reasonable thinking on the same level as the human brain, in which intelligent machines operate like human beings, therefore we need to organize a society that incorporates them into our lives. The Michael Dukakis Institute generated the AI World Society (AIWS) Initiative to build that society.