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Enterprise AI: Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning

Jay Boisseau, Ph.D., and Lucase Wilson, Ph.D., who are Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategist and researcher at Dell EMC, described some fundamental technologies and processes that enable enterprises to put AI to transform their businesses.

In the article, they articulated and elaborated main building AI blocks including Data analytics, Data science, Data Engineering as well as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These techniques are key enablers for drawing data insights about the present and making data predictions about the future, which are commonly essential for enterprises such as predictive maintenance in manufacturing, forecasting sales in retail stores, medical diagnosis in healthcare etc.

The development of AI changes the ground rules for decision-making in both enterprise and society, which is also initially developed and promoted by AI World Society (AIWS). Especially, AI is a disruptive technology to transform our society and human life quality with wide range of applications such as stronger customer relationships, smarter business decisions, shorter process, as well as better products and services to market.