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China should punish PH over US offer

(BGF) – According to the Philippines’ ABS-CBN News report, China’s state media Global Times said sanctions should be imposed against the Philippines as a response to its move of having plan to let more US troops rotate through the Southeast Asian country, and that it will make the Philippines ponder the choice of “losing a friend” such as China and “being a vain partner with the US.”

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China should punish PH over US offer: report

January 29, 2012

BEIJING – China should impose “sanctions” against the Philippines after it offered to allow more US troops on its soil, state media said Sunday, amid growing tensions over disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Manila said Friday it planned to hold more joint exercises and to let more US troops rotate through the Southeast Asian country — an offer welcomed by the United States as it seeks to expand its military power in Asia.

China has not yet officially responded to the announcement, which was made during the country’s week-long holiday for the Lunar New Year. The foreign ministry on Sunday did not immediately respond to AFP requests for comment.

But an editorial in the Global Times, known for its nationalistic stance, said Beijing “must respond” to the move by using its “leverage to cut economic activities” between the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

China also should consider “cooling down” business links with its smaller neighbor, according to the editorial published in the Chinese and English versions of the newspaper.

“It should show China’s neighboring areas that balancing China by siding with the US is not a good choice,” it said.

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