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AIWS Roundtable Held in Japan

On April 2, AIWS hosted a Roundtable in Tokyo, Japan with top AI researchers and thinkers. Among the many topics covered were AIWS’s 7-layer model for AI, cyber security, the proliferation of fake news, and increased technological competition with China. Nobue Mita, founding representative of BGF Japan, coordinated and organized this meeting.

Involved in the discussion were:

  • Tuan Nguyen, CEO of Boston Global Forum and co-founder of AIWS
  • Nobue Mita, BGF Japan Founding Representative
  • Dr. Kazuo Yano, Chief Engineer of R&D Group, Hitachi Ltd.
  • Ambassador Shunji Yanai, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Former Japanese Ambassador the the U.S.
  • Professor Koichi Hamada, Yale University and Special Advisor to PM Shinzo Abe
  • Tsuneo Watanabe, Senior Fellow of the Sasagawa Peace Foundation
  • Waichi Sekiguchi, Nikkei Shimbun journalist
  • Shunsuki Aoki, CEO of Yukai Engineering
  • Satoshi Amagai, CEO of Mofiria Corportation
  • Kei Yamamoto, CEO of D-Ocean, Inc.
  • Masahiro Fukuhara, CEO  and founder of the Institution for a Global Society
  • Miyuki Inoue, Asahi Shinbun journalist

See the meeting’s agenda and watch the entire round table discussion below: