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Agreement to ban on Killer Robots has been passed by the European Parliament

The European Council recently brought out the resolution to ban killer robots. It has called on its Member States to adapt the resolution to ensure human’s future. On September 12, 2018, 82% of the votes agree to ban lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAW) internationally.

The resolution called for an urgent legal binding instrument to prohibit autonomous weapons. The need for the negotiation came after the United Nations discussion, where nations couldn’t reach the conclusion whether to ban or not to ban LAWS.

With the help of scientists, there were many letters signed by AI researchers around the world agree to the prohibition of LAWS.

Two sections of the resolution stated:

“Having regard to the open letter of July 2015 signed by over 3,000 artificial intelligence and robotics researchers and that of 21 August 2017 signed by 116 founders of leading robotics and artificial intelligence companies warning about lethal autonomous weapon systems, and the letter by 240 tech organizations and 3,089 individuals pledging never to develop, produce or use lethal autonomous weapon systems,” and

“Whereas in August 2017, 116 founders of leading international robotics and artificial intelligence companies sent an open letter to the UN calling on governments to ‘prevent an arms race in these weapons’ and ‘to avoid the establishing effects of these technologies.’”

This is a remarkable progress for AI developers. It is noticeable that scientists including members of AIWS Standards and Practice Committee of MDI, are paying more attention to ethics of AI; and this has been recognized by The European Parliament. The risks of arms race will reduce as we can find the common voice in nations.