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The BGF Global Cybersecurity Day Symposium for 2019

Subject:  Enhancing Cybersecurity in the AI World Society

Place: Loeb House, Harvard University, 17 Quincy street, Cambridge, MA

Date/Time: December 12, 2019, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM


8:30 AMOpening Remarks by Governor Michael Dukakis, Co-founder and Chair of the Boston Global Forum

Recognition of President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia (1999-2007) and current President of the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid. President Vike-Freiberga is the recipient of this year’s BGF World Leader for Peace and Security Award

Presentation by Mr.Taro Kono, Currently Minister of Defense and Former Japanese Foreign Affair Minister: On a Vison for Ensuring Trusted Data for use by the Japanese Government

Presentation by Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, Professor and Director of MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program: On Building an AI World Society of Trusted Data

Presentation by Professor Nazli Choucri, Professor of Political Science at MIT:  On the Drafting  for the Cybersafety of the AI World Society Social Contract 2020.

10:10 AMRoundtable Discussion, Moderated by Governor Michael Dukakis

11:45 AM: Presentation by Ms. Rebecca Leeper, Computer Ethics and Data Policy Advocator, researcher into emerging technologies and their international security implications at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland: On AI World Society Innovation Network and Activities.

11:55 AM: Closing Remarks, by Governor Michael Dukakis