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OCTOBER 3: Global Media and CyberTerrorism Conference

(BGF) – On October 3, 2014, the Boston Global Forum will be organizing a conference focusing on “Global Media and CyberTerrorism” which is the topic of the year 2015 at Loeb House in Harvard University. The conference will be live-streamed online via its official website at www.bostonglobalforum.org for those who are interested in the topic but could not attend in person.

Below are details of the conference.


Time: 3:00 PM, Friday, October 3, 2014

Location: Loeb House, Harvard University, 17 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA

Moderator: Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman of Boston Global Forum

Key discussion topics:

  • Key trends and developments of media globally
  • Cybersecurity threats and trends
  • Announcement of creation of BGF Global Media Awards
  • Announcement of creation of Boston Global Museum
  • Announcement of Final result of Cyber Art Competition

Delegates and Speakers:

  • Governor Michael Dukakis – Co-Founder, Chairman of Boston Global Forum
  • Kitty DukakisFormer First Lady of Massachusetts
  • Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Co-Founder Editor-in-chief, Boston Global Forum
  • Madam Vaira Vike-Freiberga – Member of Board of Thinkers, Boston Global Forum; Former President of Latvia, President of Club de Madrid
  • Mr. Imants Freiberg – husband of Madam Vaira Vike-Freiberga
  • Professor Thomas E. Patterson – Co-Founder, Member of Board of Directors, Boston Global Forum; Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Professor John Quelch – Co-Founder, Member of Board of Directors, Boston Global Forum; Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
  • Richard Pirozzolo – Member, Boston Global Forum Editorial Board; Founder and Managing Director, Pirozzolo Company Public Relations
  • Dr. Anders Corr – Principal, Corr Analytics Inc.
  • Joshua W. Haines – Leader, Cyber Systems and Operations Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Robert K. Gardner – Founding member, New World Technology Partners
  • Llewellyn King – Member, Boston Global Forum Editorial Board; Co-Host and Executive Producer of “White House Chronicle” a weekly news and public affairs program airing on PBS
  • Ryan Ellis – Postdoctoral Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Dr. Elliot Salloway – Chief Operation Officer, Boston Global Forum
  • Professor Barry Nolan – Member, Boston Global Foum Editorial Board; Professor, Department of Journalism, Boston University
  • Phillip I. Kent – Former CEO, Turner Broadcasting Systems
  • Julie Leven – Founder, Executive and Artistic DIrector, Shelter Music Boston
  • Jonas Brunschwig – Administrative Assistant, MIT Office of Foundation Relations
  • Marie Danziger – Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Anh C. Duong – Vice President, Manager, Bank of America
  • Guy Ronen – Vice President, Boston Market Manager – People’s United Bank