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Michael S. Dukakis – A True Humanist


(BGF) – Today, November 3, Michael S. Dukakis, the founding chairman of the Boston Global Forum (BGF), turned 80 years old.

This outstanding American leader, in his days as Governor, created the remarkable story of Massachusetts. He earned the love and respect of everyone. People who worked with him held him in special honor. Those who sat in his audience embraced his words.

Michael is genuinely interested in the well-being of the people in front of him, and always wants to do the utmost best for mankind. That is his passion and his reason for being. He cares for each person as well as the whole community.

As an example of Michael’s priorities: A week after the horrible collapse of the Rama Plaza factory building in Bangladesh, Chairman Michael Dukakis convened the BGF members to discuss solutions for global standards for worker safety. That subject became a project priority for 2013 in BGF. Michael always cares about the work environment for working people, their safety, their rights, and their well-being.

As the Red Sox faced the Cardinals at Fenway Park in the evening of October 30, the seat price became very expensive. He passed words to his BGF colleagues who invited him to “get the cheapest bleacher seats. Save your money to help people in the community.”

As founding chairman of BGF, Michael S. Dukakis is always inspiring and encouraging. Urging colleagues to offer their best to BGF, he has been able to invite many intellectuals from Harvard, MIT and surrounding communities, with his authenticity, vision, passion and depth.

Many still think America would be a better country had he won the 1988 presidential race.

At his birthday party, many leading Americans expressed their love and respect for Michael. People like Senator Elizabeth Warren, George Stephanopoulos, and President Bill Clinton were there. Michael spoke and urged everyone to care for children, especially those who live in hardship, so they can have a better life.

In late June, I asked him what his 80th birthday party will be like, Michael gently smiled and said “The best way is to organize it so people can think of ideas to better this world and humanity.”

That said it all about Michael S. Dukakis. Happy Birthday!