Liam Byrne delivered the first AI World Society Distinguished Lecture

Dec 17, 2018AI World Society Distinguished Lecture, Michael Dukakis Institute

Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne MP, Member of Parliament for Birmingham, Hodge Hill, Shadow Digital Minister, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth, delivered the first AI World Society Distinguished Lecture at Global Cybersecurity Day 2018.

Liam’s lecture was held at Loeb House, Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities. Despite his absence at the symposium, he delivered his lecture virtually with all of his spirit. His lecture was extremely inspiring to all audiences, most of whom were scholars from Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University, etc. In the speech, he focused on the changes occurred in our society the last decade, and how it affected the society and market along with the risks and challenges. In conclusion, he called for the join force of lawmakers and changemakers to reshape those constraints.

Watch full AI World Society Distinguished Lecture of Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne MP

After his enlivening lecture, the questions of scholars posed at the conference were delivered and answered directly by Liam Byrne MP online. The atmosphere of the conference became buoyant with challenging issues arising around the management of the slowness of the regulatory mechanisms to adaptive changes, the mental wiring of tech companies to incorporate social benefits, the definition of digital rights, etc.

The AI World Society Distinguished Lectures was proposed to honor those who have made outstanding contributions associated with the Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) 7- Layer Model. These excellent achievements are dedicated to one of the seven layers of the AIWS Initiative. Simultaneously, the honor will help to introduce and increase awareness of the dedication of these outstanding, noble honorees among members of the global elite community.