Cyber Threat Index – Jeremy Samide

Dec 13, 2015Michael Dukakis Institute

Jeremy Samide,  Lead Consultant to the SteathCare Labs, presented his Cyber Threat Index as a solution to tackle cyber crime in the Global Cybersecurity Day event which was held on December 12 at Harvard Faculty Club.  This is a part of his works as being a fellow of Michael Dukakis Leadership program at Boston Global Forum.

The Cyber Threat Index will help close the gap “between the technical reality of what is going on and how we can connect it with policymakers and legislators around the world to develop better policy”, Mr. Samide said. The Index will collect all cyber attacks around the globe, sample that with numbers of different sources, and then an index is put together in a scale of severity level to show how severity the attacks are, the global impact, the advocacy of them, and the vulnerability of those attacks as well. All these data are then provided to policymakers and legislators as an aid to  form the appropriate policy and legislation.

A cyber threat landscape with some statistics was provided too.

Watch his full presentation here: