From UN Charter Day to UN Centennial Initiative

Jun 26, 2022United Nations Centennial

June 26 is United Nations Charter Day, the date on which the foundational document for the global organization was signed by its original members in San Francisco in 1945. It offers a moment to reflect upon the very first resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, in January 1946, on “the problems raised by the discovery of atomic energy.” The text of that resolution is linked below and throws open the question of whether a similar approach would serve contemporary discoveries which can be constructive and fulfilling and yet also capable of causing problems, like digital reach and artificial intelligence. includes news reports, analysis and reflections by distinguished thinkers and innovators supporting innovations and solutions for “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment” and the United Nations Centennial initiative, looking at how the world might be in 2045 when the global organization completes a hundred years.