AIWS Leadership Master Degree Program: Lecture of Professor Thomas Patterson

Jan 10, 2021AIWS and the Age of Global Enlightenment

On January 9, 2021, Professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard Kennedy School, President of AIWS University, taught the first lecture at AIWS Leadership Master Degree Program. This Master Degree Program is cooperation between Michael Dukakis Institute and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnology University ETU “LETI”. This lecture also is the opening of AIWS University.

He presented on American politics, talked about recent American political events, including the incident on Capitol Hill on January 6, and discussed about President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden.

Professor Thomas Patterson’s lecture combines concepts and principles, and as well as analyzes recent events. The concepts of lectures of AIWS University: to contribute content that students could not find in textbooks.

The lecture of Professor Thomas Patterson is available to watch at