The Boston Global Forum (BGF) Is the Strategic Alliance to host the Summit on AI Governance, Big Data and Ethics

Jun 24, 2019AI World Society Summit

The Boston Global Forum (BGF) Is the Strategic Alliance to host a Summit on AI Governance, Big Data and Ethics, a special program of the AI World Government Conference in Washington DC, June 24, 2019. The rapid acceleration of AI has led to a global call for AI governance and ethics. One of the core issues facing the adoption of AI is centered on how to ensure that these advanced technologies can be deployed in a fair and non-biased way that can serve the betterment of mankind. Currently, there are hundreds of efforts underway globally, working in silos, to standardize around how business and governments can engage in ethical AI practices. The Summit on AI Governance, Big Data and Ethics brings together a key group of global thought leaders who will present the challenges, discuss solutions and lead networking roundtables to help government and industry leaders better collaborate with each.

At the summit, Professor Thomas Patterson, a Board Member of the Boston Global Forum, will represent the Group of Authors working on the AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative to talk about this initiative to the audience. Announced on April 25, 2019 at the AIWS-G7 Summit Conference at Harvard University, the initiative has three parts: AI-Government, AI-Citizen, and AI-Government Index. The focus of Professor Patterson’s talk is on a Model for AI-Government. This model envisions a society where creativity, innovation, tolerance, democracy, the rule of law, and individual rights are recognized and promoted, where AI is used to assist and improve government decision-making, and where AI is a mean of giving citizens a larger voice in governing.

A proposed concept of the AI-Government Model is Social Value Reward (SVR). SVR is an incentive mechanism to recognize a citizen or an organization’s contribution to the society. SVR rewards a citizen for doing “good” things, in the forms of creativity, innovation, service, or willingness to share data, with points that can be redeemed at partnering organizations. SVR also incentivizes organizations for making the world better in a non-profit way. According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of the BGF, as he delivered a talk about SVR at the Vietnam Internet Forum March this year in Hanoi, SVR is fundamentally different from China’s Social Credit System (SCS). While China uses SCS as a way to “judge” its people, SVR is a mechanism to give global citizens more personal freedom and power and recognize their contribution to society as a whole with real values that they own and decide when and where to use.