Prof. Joseph Nye cites nations’ self-interest in boosting cybersecurity

May 15, 2016AI World Society Summit

Prof. Joseph Nye, an internationally known political scientist, addressed The Boston Global Forum’s BGF-G7 Summit Initiative Conference on May 9 at the Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge, Mass.  He is a member of the BGF’s Board of Thinkers and University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard as well as former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School.

He lauded the BGF’s focus this year on promoting better  international understanding of the need to improve cybersecurity and, more broadly, cyberbehavior in general, in the public and private sectors. He recommended an appeal to  nations’ enlightened self-interest in “restricting’’ their cyberbehavior in order to limit  geopolitical uncertainty and, by implication, dangerous miscalculations.

He noted that the need for international cyberbehavior norms of the sort recommended by the Boston Global Forum becomes increasingly important as more and more nations develop powerful cybercapacity.

Professor Nye emphasized in his remarks the important role that Japan, the G7 Summit host this year, can play in promoting cyberbehavior norms.