Cybersecurity is in G7 Summit’s closing declaration

Jun 3, 2016AI World Society Summit

(June 6th, 2016) We at The Boston Global Forum were very pleased that the G7 leaders at their May 26-27 summit in Japan included in their final declaration an important statement on cybersecurity. BGF experts had submitted to the leaders the BGF’s Ise-Shima Norms for cyberbehavior (named after the region where the summit was held).


The BGF’s recommendations were part of the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative.

Among the leaders’ comments on cybersecurity:

“We strongly support an accessible, open, interoperable, reliable and secure cyberspace as one essential foundation for economic growth and prosperity.’’

The leaders also announced initiatives on improving the global economy through coordinated fiscal and monetary policies; on migration and refugees; on trade; on infrastructure; on health; on improving the condition and status of women; on battling political and other corruption; on climate change, and on energy, including decarbonization.