BGF-G7 Summit Initiative of 2017

Jun 7, 2017AI World Society Summit

Starting from 2016, Boston Global Forum will cooperate with host countries of G7 Summit to convene the world leading scholars, influential business leaders and young leaders, and government leaders of host countries to discuss and generate initiatives and solutions to the most global pressing issues concerning peace, security and development.

Initiatives will be sent to G7 leaders in G7 Summit

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The BGF-G7 Summit Initiative (BG7SI) is dedicated to advancing the collaboration between the BGF and G7 in addressing global issues.

The BGF-G7 Summit Initiative Delegations

In 2016, The BGF was cooperating with Japan – as the G7 Summit’s host, to convene leaders in academic business , government and technology to seek solutions to this year’s biggest problems. Proposals was sent to national leaders at the G7 Summit, held in Japan – May 26-27, 2016

In the year of 2017, BGF continues to host the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative Conference on April 25,2017 and has successfully delivered The Taormina Plan as BGF-G7 Initiative. Proposals will sent to national leaders at the G7 Summit, to be held in Italy – May 26–27, 2017.