AI World Society Summit 2019

May 31, 2019AI World Society Summit

AI World Society Summit 2019

Alliance of civic societies, non-government organizations, and thought leaders for a safe, peaceful, and Next Generation Democracy.



A high-level international discussion about AI governance for a safe, peaceful, and Next Generation Democracy.

Organized by Boston Global Forum, and World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, and sponsored by the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Outcome: recommendations, suggestions for initiatives, solutions, and policies to build a society and world more peaceful, safer, and democratic with AI; the new social and economy revolution with AI that will shape better and bright futures in equality of opportunities in contribution, transparency, openness, in which capital and wealth cannot corrupt democracy, citizens will be recognized, rewarded and have a good life.


Combine between online and offline.

Moderators: Governor Michael Dukakis, and Nguyen Anh Tuan

Speakers: leaders of governments, political leaders, business leaders, prominent professors, thoughtleaders. Governor Michael Dukakis will send inviation leters to speakers to introduce mission, topics, outcome of the AI World Society Summit 2019.

Speakers can send their talks by video clip (maximum 30 minutes) or text to Content Team of the AI World Society Summit 2019, then the Content Team will post to AI World Society Summit section of Boston Global Forum’s website and deliver to other speakers, and discussants, and then their talks will be submitted to G7 Summit 2019 as a part of AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative.


The father of the Internet Vint Cerf

President of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid Vaira Vike-Freiberga

Professor Neil Gershenfeld, MIT

Professor Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, MIT

Professor Jason Furman, Harvard

Professor Joseph Nye, Harvard

Professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard

Professor Nazli Choucri, MIT

Professor David Parkes, Harvard

Professor Constantinos (“Costis”) Daskalakis, MIT

Professor David Silbersweig, Harvard

Professor Max Tegmark, MIT

Professor Philip Howard, Oxford

Professor Thomas Creely, Naval War College

Marc Rutenberg, President of EPIC

Paul Nemitz, Policymakers, European Commission

Liam Byrne, MP, UK

Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary of Business Dev & International Trade  the Government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

David Bray, Executive Director, The People-Centered Internet coalition


Professor Koichi Hamada, Yale University, Economic Adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Naval War College

Professor Mikhail Kupriyanov, LETI University , Russia

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, President of Nakasone Peace Institute

Kazuo Yano, Hitachi

Eliot Weinman, AI World

Michael Krigsman, CXO Talk

Philippe Le Corre, Harvard

Mariko Gakiya, Harvard

Kevin Roose, New York Times

Allan Cytryn, Michael Dukakis Institute

Bill Ottman, CEO and Co-founder of Minds

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Peru, and former presidents, former prime ministers.

OECD experts

Professors, Scholars of Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT

Content Team: edit, manage content, invite and engage speakers, discussants

Professor Thomas Patterson

Professor Nazli Choucri

Professor Thomas Creely

Professor Jeffrey Shaw

Dick Pirozzolo

Barry Nolan

David Bray

Nguyen Phan Nguyet Minh

Time: start April 25, 2019 at AI World Society – G7 Summit Conference to August 5, 2019.