Agenda of BGF-G7 Summit Conference 2018

Apr 23, 2018AI World Society Summit

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TIME: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm, Wednesday, April 25, 2018

VENUE: Harvard University Faculty Club, 20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA


  • Opening Remarks by Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman of Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation
  • G7 Summit 2018 in Canada by David Alward, Consul General of Canada
  • Announce AIWS Standards and Practice Committee and Present the BGF-G7 Summit Report to G7 Summit 2018 by Governer Michael Dukakis
  • Ethical Frameworks – View from Leders by President Vaira Vike Freiberga, President of the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid and former President of Latvia
  • Ethical Frameworks in AIWS by Prof. Max Tagmark, MIT, and Prof. John Savage, Brown University
  • SAM, the First AI Politician by Walter Langelaar, Co-founder of SAM
  • The BGF-G7 Summit Report: 7 – layer of AI World Society for AI Governance by Prof. David Silbersweig, Harvard University and Ramu Damodaran, Chief Academic Impact, United Nations
  • Discussion: Moderator – Governer Michael Dukakis
  • Announce and Honor Secretary General of OECD Angel Gurria as World Leader in AIWS Award by Governor Michael Dukakis
  • Secretary General of OECD Angel Gurria’s Speech
  • Announce: Program “Distinguished Innovation Leaders” by Governor Michael Dukakis
  • Closing Remarks by Governor Michael Dukakis.


Full agenda and our speakers and discussants, please download HERE