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PRESS RELEASE: BGF Announces New Initiative and Conference on Tensions in the East and South China Sea

Vietnam China Oil Rig

(Photo Credit: AP/Vietnam Coast Guard)

CONTACT: Tuan Nguyen

May 27, 2014

Boston Global Forum [email protected]

Boston Global Forum announces new Initiative; Plans international conference re urgency in East and South China Sea

Cambridge, MA – Today, the Boston Global Forum (BGF) announced its new Boston Global Forum Initiative to take swift action for a call to peace in the East and South China Sea. The escalating tensions between Japan and China; China and Vietnam; and China and the Philippines threaten regional stability and security.

The Initiative’s mission is to alleviate the threat of war in the region by facilitating open dialogue amongst involved nations. In doing so, BGF will hold an international conference with leaders from the United States, Asia, and the United Nations. Distinguished Professors, Michael Dukakis and Joseph Nye, will moderate the discussion, and BGF calls on Secretary of State John Kerry to host the event. Due to the travel schedules of many participants, the conference will either take place on July 2, 2014, in Boston, MA or will occur remotely. Like all BGF events, the conference will be live-streamed so that global citizens can join the conversation through social media and the BGF website.

In addition to the conference, the Boston Global Forum Initiative seeks an immediate international response to the escalating crises in Asia and urges the United States and the European Union to deploy naval ships to the region as observers, particularly toward the Chinese HD981 oil rig, which has ventured into waters claimed by Vietnam, and risks sparking a war between China and Vietnam.

The Boston Global Forum recently announced its new Global Media Award and will soon uncover its new Global Art Competition; both contests are part of the overall Initiative to bring peace and stability to the region of the East and South China Sea.

For more information, the media can contact the event organizer direct at [email protected]/