Boston Global Forum to Establish the Ethics Code of Conduct for Cyber Peace and Security

Jun 17, 2015Highlights

(June 17, 2015) – Boston Global Forum (BGF) today announced that it will devote the remainder of 2015 to confronting the emerging peril of Cyber Warfare. 

Boston Global Forum is a think tank—with strong ties to professors of Harvard University and the media—that works for the betterment of society by fostering global peace and security. Boston Global Forum has focused on reducing tensions in the South China Sea, especially over the Spratly Islands, and improving working conditions of the factories that produce goods for the global market.

Cyber peace and security are major concerns for every nation, organization, company and individual because of the unlimited damage cyber attacks cause to national security, the economy and personal privacy and freedom. Particularly worrying are the skyrocketing incidents of state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Boston Global Forum’s 2015 goal is to increase global awareness of the threat of cyber warfare and its consequences and to propose practical solutions to reduce the threat of cyber terrorism and prevent cyber warfare.

In announcing the year-long program, Nguyen Anh Tuan, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Boston Global Forum, said, “We will take steps to create a trend on the Internet, titled, ‘Internet for peace, security and humanity’  to encourage the sharing of positive information and knowledge that can go a long way toward supplanting suspicion, misunderstanding, hatred and violence.”

The Boston Global Forum will call for leaders of every profession including business, education, the arts, law, medicine and government to support for this campaign. All of its activities will be focused on building the Ethics Code of Conduct for Cyber Peace and Security.

In 2013, Boston Global Forum was widely recognized for improving working conditions in Bangladesh, and in 2014, for creating a Framework for Peace and Security in the Pacific after a year-long series of international conferences with leading policy-makers, scholars and business leaders.

About Boston Global Forum

Established in 2012, Boston Global Forum brings together, in an open and accessible public forum, an eclectic and engaging spectrum of highly regarded academic leaders, real-world experts, influential thoughts leaders, media experts and promising young leaders.

BGF’s immediate goal is to identify emerging threats to peace and stability around the globe, suggest realistic solutions, and identify possible actions that can be taken to avert armed conflict. The Forum’s ultimate goal is to lessen tensions, promote peace and security, and foster conditions that lead to greater social justice and broader economic prosperity wherever they are most needed.