BGF Japan 1st Conference: How to Improve Japan-China Relations

Sep 20, 2014Highlights

(BGF) – The Boston Global Forum Japan is pleased to host its first conference on “How to improve Japan- China Relations” on September 16 in the International House of Japan.

The conference features Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador Seiichi Kondo, Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel, Tokyo University Professor Koichi Hamada, and the Yomiuri Research Institute senior research fellow Masahiko Sasajima.

Watch the conference here.


Date: September 16, 2014

Location: the International House of Japan


  • Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki – Former Ambassador to the U.S; President of the America-Japan Society, Inc.; Professor of Sophia University and Keio University

Speakers and Delegates:

  • Professor Ezra Vogel –  Henry Ford II Professor, Harvard University
  • Professor Koichi Hamada – Professor Emeritus, Yale University and University of Tokyo; Advisor for the Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet, the originator of Abenomics
  • Ambassador Seiichi Kondo – Director, Kondo Institute for Culture & Diplomacy; Ambassador, Special Envoy for U.N. Affairs; Project Professor, UTokyo Policy Alternative Research Institute, University of Tokyo; Former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Masahiko Sasajima – Senior Research Fellow, Yomiuri Research Institute, The Yomiuri Newspaper

Part I:

Part II:


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