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Age of Artificial Intelligence

Shaping Futures introduce the writings of Prof. George Church, Harvard Medical School:

A Bill of Rights for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

He wrote that “We should be concerned about the rights of all sentients as an unprecedented diversity of minds emerges.”

And his idea:

What prevents extension to other animals, organoids, machines, and hybrids? As we (e.g., Hawking, Musk, Tallinn, Wilczek, Tegmark) have promoted bans on “autonomous weapons,” we have demonized one type of “dumb” machine, while other machines — for instance, those composed of many Homo sapiens voting — can be more lethal and more misguided.

In the 7 -layer model of AI World Society (AIWS), the 4th layer is vital.

At AI World Society – G7 Summit Conference at Loeb House, Harvard University, Mr. Paul Nemitz, the Principal Advisor in the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers., European Commission, member of AIWS Standards and Practice Committee, will present the concepts of AI World Society Law, which will shape futures of the world with deeply applied AI.