Views and actions of Boston Global Forum and Global Alliance for Digital Governance on ChatGPT and AI

Apr 2, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

The list of technology researchers and corporate leaders calling for a six-month pause in AI research continues to grow, to more than 1,400 people from universities, governments and businesses around the world. The ethical issues posed by AI advances have created tremendous concern about the risks to human relations, from democratic governance to economic activity and communications.

The AI research pause, if observed, will give researchers at AI labs, technology company executives, and government officials a chance to develop governance systems and regulatory authorities charged with tracking and certifying authentic AI systems, and mechanisms for holding companies and individuals accountable for harm resulting from economic and political disruptions. However, this pause may allow non-democratic actors around the world to develop their own systems and surpass Western capacities, without ethical restraints.

Already, there are high-level discussions taking place, including at the Boston Global Forum, aimed at creating a framework to manage the risks of AI, in the wake of ChatGPT and other AI Assistants developments.

BGF and Global Alliance for Digital Governance called for a dialog between policymakers and business leaders on April 26, 2023 at Harvard University Faculty Club to debate this urgent issue: manage, monitor, and support innovation and create competitive advantage in the US tech economy. We urge everyone, citizens and policymakers alike, to engage with the BGF AI discussions, at all levels, and express their concerns. Everyone has a stake in the outcome of this debate.

As we enter the Age of Global Enlightenment, it is crucial for governments to accelerate their decision-making processes. The views of BGF and GADG emphasize the importance of fostering innovation and implementing effective and efficient management and governance strategies for AI assistants, including ChatGPT and GPT4.