Taylor Swift deepfakes, fake Biden robocalls have lawmakers pushing for stronger AI laws

Jan 29, 2024Global Alliance for Digital Governance

After deepfake images of Taylor Swift and fake robocalls of Joe Biden’s voice were spread on social media platforms this week, lawmakers are pushing for stronger guardrails on the usage of Artificial Intelligence.

Clyde Vanel, a Democrat who is the Chair of the New York State Subcommittee on Internet and New Technology, said that process began in September, when Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation regarding deepfakes.

What happened to Taylor Swift is illegal in New York,” Vanel said “It’s a class A misdemeanor for someone to knowingly or recklessly publish a generated photo or visual depiction of someone with sexual explicit content. We have to let the public know what we have in place. We have to let them know this is wrong, and we will prosecute these kinds of actions.

President Joe Biden speaks during a United Auto Workers’ political convention, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)