Statement of Global Enlightenment Community: From Words to Actions – The Urgency for Government Action

Apr 23, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Harvard University Faculty Club, April 26, 2023

We, the Global Enlightenment Community, consisting of distinguished leaders, thinkers, strategists, innovators, artists, and business leaders from across the world, have gathered at the Boston Global Forum High-Level Conference on AI Assistant Regulation Summit to discuss the urgent need for government, civic, corporate action in AI advancement. As we celebrate Governor Michael Dukakis’s 90th birthday, Chairman of the Boston Global Forum, we recognize the critical role that he and other visionary leaders have played in promoting responsible AI development and governance.

Over the past few months, we have engaged in a series of high-level dialogues with distinguished leaders and thinkers from the US, Japan, Europe, India, and other regions, as well as with innovators from the Harvard University, MIT, Stanford, Silicon Valley, and policy makers from Boston, Tokyo, Rome, and other cities, to develop a regulatory framework for AI assistants and ChatGPT. We have called for research centers and laboratories to collaborate to create new values, optimize technological power, and realize the full potential of beneficial AI and encourage diverse and robust global markets and opportunities.

In addition to calling all national governments, civic societies, corporates to take action in regulating AI, the Global Enlightenment Community recognizes the importance of engaging with other key stakeholders, including leaders of the United Nations, Japan, US, Europe, and India, as well as leaders of different religions, to promote responsible and ethical AI development and governance.

Therefore, we propose organizing high-level delegations from the Global Enlightenment Community to meet and dialogue with these leaders in 2023. These delegations will comprise distinguished leaders, thinkers, and business leaders who will advocate for the development of a global regulatory framework and accord for AI and the need to ensure AI serves the best interests of humanity.

Through these dialogues, we aim to promote greater international cooperation and collaboration in the field of AI and to advance the goals of the Global Enlightenment Mountain and the Global Alliance for Digital Governance. We believe that concerted global efforts are necessary to address the urgent need for responsible AI development and governance, and to ensure that AI benefits all of humanity.

Therefore, we call upon national governments to take action and support the development of healthy AI that serves the best interests of people. This includes creating governance frameworks that ensure ethical and responsible AI development and governance based on international regulations and accords. We recognize that developing such frameworks is a complex task that requires the participation and collaboration of all stakeholders, including government, industry, academia, and civil society.

In this regard, the Boston Global Forum is proud to announce the Global Alliance for Digital Governance (GADG), which will coordinate the enforcement of oversight in the field of AI. This is a crucial step towards achieving the goals of the Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM), a frontier initiative designed to create a virtual Silicon Valley model for the AI and digital era. GEM aims to connect research centers, labs of leading universities, and pioneering technology innovation companies from various countries, including the US, Japan, India, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Israel.

We urge all governments, civic societies, and corporations to participate in setting the problems to be solved for GEM and to cooperate to create an overarching framework for viable and ethical AI development with robust governance. We must act now to ensure that AI is used to serve the best interests of humanity.