Pope to G7: AI is ‘neither objective nor neutral’

Jun 17, 2024Global Alliance for Digital Governance

On June 1, 2024, the International Inter-religious Conference at the Vatican marked a historic milestone with the groundbreaking ideas presented by Boston Global Forum (BGF) CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan. During the panel titled “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Interpersonal Relationships and Between Religions,” Tuan called upon all participants of the conference, leaders of religions, distinguished thinkers, innovators, and companies to join in taking action for equality of opportunities in AI.

In his address, Nguyen Anh Tuan emphasized the crucial role of interfaith and interreligious cooperation in bring their spiritual values to build the Knowledge Platform for AI and announced that the Boston Global Forum would collaborate with religious leaders to ensure equality of opportunity for every person, company, country, and religion in AI. This initiative aims to foster a new democracy, happiness, and safety for humanity.

Pope Francis delivered a welcome speech to participants of the conference on June 3, 2024, at the Clementine Hall, Vatican.

On Friday afternoon June 14, 2024, Pope Francis addressed the G7 leaders’ summit in Puglia, Italy.

He is the first Pope to ever address the forum, which brings together the leaders of the US, UK, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

The ’techno-human condition’

Noting that AI is “above all a tool”, the Pope spoke of what he called the “techno-human condition”.

He explained that he was referring to the fact that humans’ relationship with the environment has always been mediated by the tools that they have produced.

Some, the Pope said, see this as a weakness, or a deficiency; however, he argued, it is in fact something positive. It stems, he said, from the fact that we are beings “inclined to what lies outside of us”, beings “radically open to the beyond.”

This openness, Pope Francis said, is both the root of our “techno-human condition” and the root of our openness to others and to God, as well as the root of our artistic and intellectual creativity.