Nomination for the History of AI 2022: Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment”

Dec 25, 2022Global Alliance for Digital Governance

The Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment” was presented and discussed at the BGF 10th Anniversary Conference on November 22, 2022. On behalf of Boston Global Forum leaders, Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija and Nguyen Anh Tuan gave a speech on the Manifesto with the following highlights:

I. Fundamentals and Accompanying the United Nations:
Creating an Age of Global Enlightenment is based on the AIWS model whose core and pillars
were introduced in the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global

1. Global Enlightenment Economy and Politics:
Every person can be an innovator with foundation standards are Social Contract for the AI Age.
Building a borderless data infrastructure, creating opportunities for all individuals, businesses, and organizations to co-create new values, new products and services that are prosperous, high efficiency, faster, smarter, but protecting the standards and human values of the United Nations, of the Social Contract for the AI Age (SCAI), this is a prerequisite for connecting data infrastructure, commercial transactions and development.

If a country does not meet the standards, it will not be connected. On this data infrastructure, to create an economy where every citizen is an innovator. Creating an education program called the Global Enlightenment Education Program (GEEP) for all individuals. Organizations that commit to respect and apply SCAI standards can participate, and be supported with the GEEP program to know how to build a home of creativity for themselves. Global Alliance for Digital Governance stands out to call, connect, and coordinate between the United Nations, governments of the Pillars: US, Japan, India, and European Alliance (EA), an alliance including the EU, UK, and European countries that accept and apply SCAI standards. These governments have to join a United Nations led AI International Accord, or Global Digital Compact, and then implement it with developing countries.

We call this economy the Global Enlightenment Economy. We call its infrastructure Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure (GEEI).

The Global Enlightenment Economy respects and recognizes contributions to society, to drive people and society with a focus not only on material and financial values, but also contribute to creating an Age of Global Enlightenment with peace, security, prosperity for every country, every people, and preventing extreme nationalism in any country. Contributions for this will be recognized as AIWS Rewards.

The Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment” proposes actions and coordination to build Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure that enables interoperability across company and national boundaries, and designs Global Enlightenment Economy ecosystems of trusted data and AI that provide safe, secure, and human-centered services for everyone in need: only governments who sign and apply AIIA, Global Digital Compact in their countries, can join the Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure.

The Global Alliance for Digital Governance (GADG) will supervise and control implementing standards of SCAI, ensuring data and algorithms are not biased. We call this politics the Global Enlightenment Polity where all individuals can participate in policy deliberations, introduce new ideas. And contribute in all ways to the global wellbeing.

GADG can build an operating mechanism for Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure so that companies involved in building and connecting infrastructure cannot create a monopoly, and creates opportunities for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, for each individual, to create an Ecology of the Global Enlightenment Economy. The technology platform is introduced in Alex Sandy Pentland’s article “Building a New Economy: Data, AI, and Web3″

Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure supported by the Global Enlightenment Polity and its knowledge platform, the Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) can be very instrumental in helping to solve problems of disinformation, misinformation and the like. Then GEEI and GSSD will be good and solid platforms for politics and society of the Global Enlightenment Age – AIWS

Read the full manifesto here.