MIT GSSD contribute and support to build AIWS Angel

Jan 16, 2024Global Alliance for Digital Governance

MIT professor Nazli Choucri, a BGF Board Member, Distinguished Contributor to the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”, and a key member of AIWS Angel Initiative, contribute and support this initiative through MIT Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) by her ideas:

The entire system consists of the following five components:

  • Spiritual Features – that help the Individual orientation, balance, fulfillment, dealing with, and managing Challenges of Steering through a set of physical realities or empirical situations.

These are:

(i) Social System and Related Interactions

(ii) Natural Environment and its Life Supporting Properties, and

(iii) Cyberspace and its virtual properties

These are the three “spaces” of the Global System that is the overarching physical experience and reality for all human beings

  • Human Brain Choose and embody the most admirable qualities of the human mind: perpetuate love, exhibit intelligence and creativity, practice generosity and tolerance, refrain from harboring resentment or seeking revenge, avoid looking down on others, and consistently uphold ethical standards. Cultivate a character marked by honesty and kindness, ensuring an unwavering commitment to integrity.
  • Computational Functionalities and Capabilities
  • Brain–Computer Connections and Commonalities
  • MIT Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) – Features and Functionalities of aKnowledge Based Systems anchored in Systematic Mapping of Dimensions and Domains of the Global System.

The overall view and connections are as follows:

The Spiritual Component is akin to the soul of the Individual.

Each Individual is situated in the Global System.

During his or her lifetime, every Individual is face with the challenges of steering through the “spaces” (or platform) of the Global System.

The Spiritual component supports the soul, and assists with feedback dynamics, equilibrium-seeking and other capabilities to facilitate steering through the “spaces”.