The Prize and Lecture of the United Nations Centennial Initiative and AI World Society to honor innovators in politics and society

Apr 11, 2021Event Updates

The Prize honors original contributions to shaping a new and better world through Artificial Intelligence, Digital. Eligibility for the Prize is limited to preeminent individuals who have contributed substantial and innovative ideas, practices, or solutions for addressing major challenges, opportunities, and threats posed by the Digital and AI Age, and that make the world safer, more peaceful, and more humane.


Sponsored companies, foundations and organized by the Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS), the Prize is presented annually, accompanied by a lecture presented by the Prize recipient on January 9 annual.


The United Nations Centennial Initiative recognizes the Prize and Lecture as part of the United Nations Centennial Initiative, which looks toward the UN’s centennial year.


Sponsor and Donor: Companies, foundations.

Organizer: Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS), Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Prize: 10,000 AIWS Rewards, exchangeable value of $100,000 USD by cash, products, serives.

Location: Online: Vint Cerf House of AIWS City and offline: one place of Harvard, MIT or distinguished places.

Advisory Organizations: The United Nations Academic Impact, Club de Madrid, Boston Global Forum, Michael Dukakis Institute.


Prize Selection Committee: Governor Michael Dukakis, Co-founder of AI World Society, Co-Chair of United Nations Centennial Initiative, Vint Cerf, Father of Internet, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Ramu Damodaran, Chief of United Nations Academic Impact and Editor in Chief of the United Nations Chronicle Magazine, Professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard Kennedy School, and distinguished thinkers and leaders.


On April 15, 2021 at the meeting of leaders of the United Nations Centennial – Boston Global Forum and United Nations Academic Impact initiative, will choose a name of the prize.