The Boston Global Forum officially publishes the Quad Roundtable Report

Dec 28, 2020Event Updates

On December 28, 2020, the Boston Global Forum will officially publish the Report “The Quad Roundtable at the Riga Conference 2020 –  The Quad Group, AIWS Social Contract and solutions for world peace and security.” The report includes the following key messages:

First, it is necessary to mend differences amongst the Western allies — such as different views of interests, diversity in social perceptions, and the role of the Western alliance in U.S. priorities –, and to reestablish US international leadership

Second, the common interest of the Quad is an open Indo-Pacific region – one that is inclusive, not exclusive. Inclusion will contribute to transparency, cooperation, and information sharing among like-minded responsible international actors. Such a situation would also facilitate containment of the pandemic from other parts of the world and from the region itself. It will also support the management of climate, humanitarian, social and security challenges for all.

In recent years, the credibility of security alliances in the Indo-Pacific region has been called into question. For this reason, the Quad emphasizes diplomacy to enhance even broader cooperation with such partners as South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and Europe. Indo-Pacific region must be governed by rules, and by respecting democratic values.

Third, artificial intelligence is not just a novel technology but also something that can enhance the digital economy and commercial opportunities for all.

The Quad group could also work to bring all countries in the region to a shared view of the common good.

Fourth, while addressing possibilities and challenges brought about by artificial intelligence, US leadership must consider the interconnectivity of different types of interests in the Indo-Pacific region.

However, the Quad has the important responsibility of requesting China to respect its neighbors and to refrain from generating tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. As a matter of principle, respect for Hong Kong and its democracy is imperative.

Fifth, the surge of 5G technologies will enhance the expansion of artificial intelligence. With such technological expansion, democratic values should dominate in the use of data.

The co-authors of the Report are: Professor Nazli Choucri, MIT, Boston Global Forum Board Member, Ambassador P.S Raghavan, Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board of India, Dr. Sandis Šrāders, Fellow, Baltic Defence College and Board Member, Latvian Transatlantic Organization, Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, CEO of the Boston Global Forum