The AIWS City at the “Policy Dialogue 2020: Multilateralism that Delivers” of World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid

Oct 18, 2020Event Updates

World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid’s (WLA-CdM) co-organises its flagship Policy Dialogue ‘Multilateralism that Delivers’ in collaboration with Bertelsmann Stiftung, in a virtual format and over a four-day period: a single session on 20 October, and three-day session between 28 and 30 October.

Our 2020 Policy Dialogue ‘Multilateralism that Delivers’ provides a global platform that brings together a large number of WLA-CdM’s more than 100 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers, from over seventy countries, sitting policymakers, representatives of international organisations, civil society and academia to identify and promote a much-needed renewal of our multilateral system, one that breathes new life and reflects new realities.  Building on our continued work on multilateralism, the specific measures and policies identified will feed into the UN75 stock taking process and will be shared with the German EU Presidency and other major action-oriented discussions taking place on this most pressing topic such as the UN2020 campaign.

The Policy Dialogue’s Breakout Action Labs will delve deeper into three challenges that require a multilateral and cooperative approach:

  • Transforming Multilateralism for 21st Century Social Justice and Inclusion
  • Digital Cooperation and a better global future
  • Leveraging multilateralism to build back better towards a more sustainable future

Professor Alex Sandy Pentland (MIT), Co-founder and Mentor of, representative of the Boston Global Forum will lead the Action Lab “Digital Cooperation and a better global future”

The Paper “Working With AIWS City to Create A New Gem For The World” by Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon, Chairman of the Novaland Group, was posted on website of the event at

He wrote: “We are proud to cooperate with the AIWS City to create NovaWorld Phan Thiet, a city of history, intelligence, and humanity, connecting with other intellectual, cultural and innovative centers around the world, with the standards of the Social Contract in the AI Age, adhering to AIWS City.”