Thank You: April 24th Conference

Apr 26, 2014Event Updates


April 24, 2014 Conference

(From Left to Right: Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman of BGF, Professor John Quelch, Founding Member of BGF’s Board of Directors, and Professor Joseph Nye, member of BGF’s Board of Thinkers)

(BGF) – The Boston Global Forum would like to thank all of the speakers and discussants who participated in April 24th’s fascinating and productive discussion on the conflict between Japan and China, how the conflict can be resolved, and the role of the United States in the dispute. We would also like to thank Professor Joseph Nye and Professor Ezra Vogel for their invaluable guidance during the conference preparations and their insightful introductory comments. Additionally, BGF thanks Professor John Quelch, a founding member of BGF’s Board of Directors, for moderating the great discussion and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for his insightful comments and participation.

Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful audience for continuing to engage with BGF and for participating in our online, international conferences. Our conference on April 24th was the first of three conferences BGF will be hosting on the issue of U.S.-Chinese-Japanese relations, with the other two occurring in September and November. We hope you will all continue to engage with BGF on this very important topic, and will participate and support our upcoming conferences later this year. Thank you!


April 24, 2014 Conference

(From Left to Right: Professor Ezra Vogel, Governo Michael Dukakis, and Professor John Quelch)


April 24, 2014 Conference

(From Left to Right: Professor Suzanne P. Ogden, Jill Dougherty, Professor Koichi Hamada)