Professor Thomas Patterson: On 2016 Global Cybersecurity Day

Dec 12, 2016Event Updates, Global Cyber Security Day

On 2016 Global Cybersecurity Day, our speakers and discussants not only talked about the issue of cybersecurity but they also discussed about idea related to the newly launched organization: Global Citizenship Education Network (GCEN), which is presented by Professor Thomas Patterson – Co-Founder, the Boston Global Forum

Professor Thomas E. Patterson

In his presentation, Professor Patterson mentioned about UNESCO first initiative of Global Citizen and each organization’s part in creating GCEN. As of December 11, 2016, “UCLA is designated as site of The UNESCO Chair in Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education” and Boston Global Forum (BGF) had become the official partner of UNESCO-UCLA in Global Citizenship Education.

As a partner, BGF will help administer GCEN in the segments of GC Scorecard, GC Network Website and GC Education & Incentive Program. Professor Patterson significantly described the process of becoming a Global Citizen and long life with Global Citizen Scorecard. He also demonstrated BGF’s strategy on developing GCEN in the future.

Please see his full presentation below.

Global Citizenship Scorecard & Global Citizenship Education Network