North Korea Peace Initiative is focus of the Boston Global Forum at World Reconciliation Day Symposium 8:30 – Noon, Sept. 9, at Harvard

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North Korea Peace Initiative is focus of the Boston Global Forum at

World Reconciliation Day Symposium 8:30 – Noon, Sept. 9, at Harvard


Soft power authority Joseph Nye and Gov. Michael Dukakis

to address scholars, experts, business leaders, diplomats


“A single misstep can turn political brinksmanship into a global conflagration. Nowhere is there a greater risk today than with North Korea,” Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman, The Boston Global Forum

Boston, Aug 2, 2017 — Throughout August, Boston Global Forum scholars and experts on international relations (  will discuss and develop innovative solutions to the nuclear missile crisis posed by North Korea; with recommendations to be discussed during the World Reconciliation Day Symposium at 8:30 AM to Noon, September 9th, Loeb House, Harvard University, 17 Quincy Street, Cambridge, Mass.

The event has been organized by the UNESCO Chair on Global Learning and Global Citizen Education Network UCLA and The Boston Global Forum. The Boston Global Forum was founded in 2012 by Gov. Michael Dukakis and Nguyen Anh Tuan along with a dedicated group of internationally renowned scholars and political leaders as a think tank dedicated to finding peaceful solutions to contentious issues between nations and other events that decrease the safety and freedom of the World’s Citizens.

Professor Joseph Nye former dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a member of The Boston Global Forum Board of Thinkers will deliver The Hoa Sen Distinguished Lecture on Reconciliation on the value soft power in reducing international tensions—especially with regard to conflict with The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Hoa Sen Group is Vietnam’s foremost manufacturer of sheet steel and building components.

“As we are acutely aware, relations between many of the world’s nations have become so hostile that a single misstep can turn political brinksmanship or a regional conflict into a global conflagration. Nowhere is there a greater risk than with North Korea, its neighbors and the United States,” said Gov. Dukakis in announcing the first Annual World Reconciliation Day event.

Program – further details to follow.

  • Opening Remarks by Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman, the Boston Global Forum
  • Recognize Prof. Joseph Nye as Distinguished Global Educators for Peace and Innovation
  • Joseph Nye will deliver the Hoa Sen distinguished lecture on soft power for reconciliation.
  • Discuss innovative solutions for world reconciliation
  • Remarks by the Boston Global Forum’s CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan

The Boston Global Forum has addressed multiple world issues such as improving working conditions in Asia, conflict in the South China Sea and enhancing cybersecurity amidst numerous state-sponsored, rogue actor and other cyber threats.

World Reconciliation Day, is hosted annually by UNESCO-UCLA Chair on Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education Network, UCLA and the Boston Global Forum.

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