Live Schedule United Nations Academic Impact Charter Day Lecture

Jun 25, 2019Event Updates

Wed 26 Jun 2019 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Time zone: Eastern Time US & Ca)

If you would like to join the discussion online you can watch the event live at

Our speaker will be Dr. David A. Bray, whose talk Artificial Intelligence, the Internet and the Future of Data: Where Will We Be in 2045? , will examine the impact of technology on the mission of the UN 100 years after its creation.

Dr. Bray has served as Executive Director for the People-Centered Internet Coalition focused on providing support and expertise for community-based projects that measurably improve people’s lives using the internet. Business Insider named him one of the top “24 Americans Who Are Changing the World under 40″ and he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for 2016-2021, a Marshall Memorial Fellow and a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Human-Machine Cognition.

Dr. Bray’s talk will be followed by reflections of discussants and a larger conversation with the audience. The invited discussants include:

  • Fabrizio Hochschild, United Nations Under Secretary-General and Special Adviser on the Preparations for the Commemoration of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the United Nations
  • David Silbersweig, Stanley Cobb Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School
  • Mariko Gakiya, Director, Global Leadership for Health, Peace and Human Security, Boston Global Forum
  • Nam Pham, Department of Business Development and International Trade , State of Massachusetts
  • Atefeh Riazi, UN Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer , United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology