Leaders and distinguished thinkers will join the conference on The New Social Contract in the Age of AI

Aug 30, 2020Event Updates

The Policy Lab on Transatlantic Approaches on Digital Governance: A New Social Contract in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, will be held in a virtual format over a three-day period between the 16th and the 18th of September, hosted by The World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM) and the Boston Global Forum (BGF).

The COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing global health crisis have significantly accelerated the  deployment and decentralization of digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their role

in almost every facet of today’s life merits in-depth analysis, particularly timely in the current context, when their use will present us with both challenges and opportunities, concerns and solutions.

Our Policy Lab will bring the governance experience of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid Members, democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from over seventy countries, together with the knowledge of experts and scholars in a multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary platform aimed at generating action-oriented analysis and policy recommendations for the development of a new social contract on digital governance. All this, from a Transatlantic perspective and with the experience of a ravaging, global pandemic that has underlined the need to strengthen international cooperation and the multilateral system as we build a digital future for all.  Through the voice and agency of WLA-CdM Members, WLA-CdM and BGF will bring the results of this discussion to the global conversation steered by the UN as part of its 75th anniversary and other major action-oriented discussions taking place on this most pressing topic.

Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet; Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of BGF; the former Prime Minister of Finland, former President of Latvia, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and professors of Harvard and MIT will speak at the Session I: The AIWS Social Contract 2020 and AIWS Innovation Network: A Platform for Transatlantic Cooperation, on September 17th at 9:30 EDT.