Digital Bretton Woods Conference at MIT

Jun 5, 2022Event Updates

Leaders of Boston Global Forum will speak and discuss at a special event at MIT on June 27, 2022.

The Digital Bretton Woods Conference is co-hosted by the World Bank, MIT Connection Science, EY and Boston Global Forum.

The conference will discuss the following topics and themes:

Perspective on the Role of Digital Transformation

Growth Strategies in the Digital Economy

  • Growth strategies for the new digital economy
  • Advanced analytical platforms for better economic policy making
  • Promoting private sector innovation and digital ecosystems
  • Role of disruptive new technologies in promoting growth

Investing in Foundational Digital Public Infrastructure

  • Enabling seamless global trade through digitization
  • Transforming tax and finance systems and processes
  • Digital identity as foundation for a government data strategy
  • The role of advanced technologies

Governance of Multistakeholder Systems

  • Economic foresight: anticipating the next crisis
  • A new era for technology policy, regulation, and incentives
  • New organizational structures for multi-party technology systems
  • Computational law and regulatory certainty

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