Boston Global Forum supports World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid’s statement ’Multilateralism must Deliver’

Nov 1, 2020Event Updates

Leaders of AIWS City, including Professor Alex Sandy Pentland (MIT), Professor Nazli Choucri (MIT) and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan (Boston Global Forum), spoke at World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM) Policy Dialog October 28-30, 2020. The Boston Global Forum supported WLA-CdM Policy Dialog 2020, and the Call to Action below:

The world is again at a crossroad, confronted with a danger of sliding into a downward spiral of unbridled contest and power politics. But there is an alternative. We must seize this moment to set the world on a new path, a path that will end the assault threatening the foundations of our very existence, particularly that of the most vulnerable amongst us. We have to craft a path that will lead us to an equitable, secure and sustainable system of global cooperation and renewed multilateral institutions, fit for purpose in the 21st century and resilient against future disasters.

  • Multilateral cooperation is not an option, it is essential to the preservation of our societal values and the resolution of transnational challenges related to peace and security; economic and financial stability and growth; ecological sustainability, digital transformation; trade; pandemics and others.
  • Humankind is capable of transcending existing challenges building bridges, re-establishing trust and working actively and responsibly to manage systemic global risks and transnational challenges to protect the Global Commons.
  • Multilateral institutions require increased participation, inclusion, local ownership and capacity of all, from those most impacted by global challenges on the ground to civil society, labor unions, the private sector, State and non-State actors, all the way to the Security Council.
  • A forward-looking, viable and people-centered strategy of pragmatic dialogue,solidarity and trust are crucial for a reinvigorated, inclusive and effective multilateralism.
  • We will advocate for the needed reforms constructively, decisively and persistently until the multilateral system is transformed into a more responsive framework fit for 21st century purpose.

The full Call to Action can be read here.