Boston Global Forum Leaders Join Special Event in Hai Duong, Vietnam to Support Building Global Enlightenment Mountain’s Hub in Northern Vietnam

Jun 4, 2023Event Updates

On June 7, 2023, in the evening EDT, leaders from the Boston Global Forum, such as Governor Michael Dukakis, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Thomas Patterson, and Alex Pentland, will speak in a special event organized by leaders of Hai Duong province, Vietnam. The event aims to garner support and collaboration in establishing the Global Enlightenment Mountain’s Hub in northern Vietnam at Hai Duong.

The Global Enlightenment Mountain’s Hub, an ambitious project led by Hai Duong province, seeks to create a center of innovation and intellectual exchange in northern Vietnam. This initiative aims to attract global leaders, thinkers, creators, and innovators to drive advancements in technology and foster the spirit of Global Enlightenment.

The event will provide a platform for dialogue and idea-sharing, with BGF leaders offering their expertise and guidance on strategies to transform Hai Duong into a vibrant hub for innovation, technology, and intellectual development. This collaborative effort between BGF and Hai Duong province aims to lay the foundation for a global enlightenment innovation ecosystem in northern Vietnam.

The Global Enlightenment Mountain’s Hub holds great promise in nurturing talent, fostering research, and attracting investment to the region. By leveraging Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM) at the Boston Global Forum, Hai Duong province seeks to position itself as a prominent player in the global innovation landscape.

The event signifies a significant milestone in the journey towards building the Global Enlightenment Mountain’s Hub, and the collaboration between BGF and Hai Duong province highlights the shared commitment to advancing knowledge, promoting innovation, and fostering global cooperation in concepts of AI World Society.

Governor Michael Dukakis, co-founder of Global Enlightenment Mountain