The Boston Global Forum leaders visit Vietnam

Apr 28, 2013Event Updates

On April 2, Professor Michael Stanley Dukakis, the former Massachusetts governor, led a group of American scholars to visit the family of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and the Ho Chi Minh City National University.

20130403155142-1Professor Dukakis friendly talks with Mrs. Phan Hieu Dan, late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet’s daughter.

Professor Dukakis and American scholars had intimate conversations with family members, especially the late Prime Minister’s daughter, Mrs. Phan Hieu Dan.

Professor Dukakis expressed his admiration to and highly appreciated a number of reforms of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet. He said that Mr. Kiet highly contributed to Vietnam’s renovation and open-door policy to extensively integrate into the world.

The former U.S. presidential candidate also shared his thoughts on national reconciliation, the work that was laid the foundation by the late Prime Minister during his tenures.

Professor Dukakis and the American scholars burned incense in memory of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet at the family’s temple.

In response to Professor Dukakis and American scholars, Mrs. Phan Hieu Dan said that she was very touched and honored of Professor Dukakis’s deep sentiment for her father. On behalf of the family, she expressed her sincere thanks to Professor Dukakis and the American scholars.

“During his lifetime, my father was very interested in the issue of reconciliation, harmony for national unity. This has won the consensus and support of people who love peace all over the world. This is also the reason for Professor Dukakis to visit my family,” said Mrs. Dan.

The American professor takes photo with Mrs. Hieu Dan.The American professor takes photo with Mrs. Hieu Dan.

On the same day, Professor Dukakis and American scholars visited the Center for Nanostructured Materials Research and Manar Molecule of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Professor Michael Stanley Dukakis is internationally known as the former Massachusetts governor, the most senior leader of the state of Massachusetts, who began his first term in 1975 and was re-elected twice in 1982 and 1986. Until now, Dukakis has been a famous face and full of influence in the state of Massachusetts as well as throughout the United States.

He was elected as the most capable governor by the National Association of the US Governors. As the Governor of Massachusetts, he helped this state achieve “miracles” in economic growth based on the development of high technology and financial services in the 80s.

He was also the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Bush’s opponent in the race for the White House in 1988.

Professor Dukakis is now the Chairman of the Boston Global Forum. In addition to the political path, Professor Dukakis is also a visiting professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Hanoi. April 02, 2013.

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