Artificial Intelligence International Accord (AIIA)

Feb 17, 2021Event Updates

Format: Public with audiences

The moderator Douglas Frantz will introduce each panelist and make a short statement about the purpose of the panel and the project.

Then panelists will talk: average 7 minutes for each panelist talk.

Governor Michael Dukakis

Professor Nazli Choucri

State Minister Yasuhide Nakayama

President Vaira Vike-Freiberga

Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija

Ms. Merve Hitkok


Then the moderator will discuss with panelists.

Finally, moderator will sum up views of panelists at the end of the session.


Time: 8:30 am – 10:30 am, EST, Feb 19, 2021.


Guidance on content:

Among the issues addressed by the Panel are the following:


  • Reviewing legal frameworks for AI and identifying essential elements for an international AI legal framework.
  • Defining methods to present abuses by governments and businesses in uses of AI, Data, Digital Technology, Cyberspace, (including attacking companies, organizations, and individuals on the Internet)
  • Articulating norms to manage robotics and cybersecurity, protecting Social Contract for the AI Age, democratic values, transparency, and accountability while ensuring equal opportunities across diverse socio-economic landscapes.
  • Supporting the provisions of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime as well as the EU General Directives and/or incorporating basic principles thereof
  • Sanctioning entities –including governments, businesses, and not-for profit actors — who violate the AI International Accord and/or Social Contract for the AI Age).

Purpose and Scope of the AI International Accord Initiative

–       Create an initial framework for the AI International Accord

–       Establish a World Alliance for Digital Governance focused on supporting to support the AI International Accord and the Social Contract for the AI Age.

–       Design a Monitoring System to observe all abuses in applications of AI by private and public entities, and to identify notable violations of an emergent AI International Accord and of the Social Contract for the AI Age.

–       Provide an initial “proof of concept” – in terms of implementation and operations in practice – focused on AIWS City

–       Explore potentials for reviewing and regulating potential deviances or damage created by algorithm development and implementation.


1. Process toward AI International Accord Initiative (Proposed)

The following process is currently envisaged:

(1)  Creation of Draft-Framework prepared by the AIIA Team

(2) Discussion and Review by

  • ·      AIIA Panels organized by Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute
  • ·       Quad Roundtables organized by Boston Global Forum and Riga Conference 2021

(3) Communication of progress with governments and international organizations

(4) Creation of “alliances-for-system-test” to focus on challenges of implementation

(5) Implementation of on-site operation and assessments at AIWS City

(6) Assessment of results to this point

2. Review, Revisions, and Refinements

Identify the operational steps to be undertaken in, and addressed, at several levels and in different contexts:

  1.  Local
  2.  National
  3.  Regional
  4.  International

The results will reflect the inputs, reactions, and considerations at each level.

3. Endorsement and Support

We shall explore (and seek to obtain) the support of the following entities


–       First                 Quad group and EU

–       Second            OECD countries

–       Third               United Nations

–       Fourth            Russia and China

4. Host and Partners:

Host: Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute


Active Partners:

World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid

Riga Conference 2021

United Nations Academic Impact


Potential Partners:

European Commission

US, Japan, Australia, India, Sweden, Latvia

5. Timeline of Key Events:

Quad Roundtable April, 2021

AI International Accord


Riga Conference 2021

Session on AIIA


World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid, September 2021

World Leaders and AIIA

AIWS City as the place for initial implementation of AIIA


Boston Global Forum December 12, 2021

Announce the AIIA Accord and present World Leader for Peace and Security 2021 who made significant contributions to AIIA

    6.   Leadership:

–            The Panel is convened under the leadership of Governor Michael Dukakis, and President Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

    7.   AIIA Team:

–       Nazli Choucri

–       Tuan Nguyen

–       Thomas Patterson

–       David Silbersweig

–       Merve Hickok

–       Alex Sandy Pentland

–       Vint Cerf

–       Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija

–       Prime Minister Esko Aho,

–       Yasuhide Nakayama

–       Douglas Frantz

–       P.S Raghavan

–       Kimberley Kitching

–       Zaneta Ozolina

–       Stavros Lambrinidis

–       Judea Pearl

–       Randall Davis

–       Sandis Sraders

    8.  Assistants: 

Larissa Zutter

Minh Nguyen

     9.   Official Online Host of Events

AIWS Palace at AIWS City