Annoucement of the Artificial Intelligence International Accord Initiative

Jan 24, 2021Event Updates

BOSTON, January 25, 2021: The Boston Global Forum (BGF) and the Michael Dukakis Institute today announced an initiative to establish a worldwide agreement to promote the transformative benefits of artificial intelligence and safeguard against potential abuses. The inclusive global conversation is designed to ensure the responsible use of AI technologies by governments and business while protecting democratic values.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming every aspect of our lives,” said Governor Michael Dukakis in announcing the initiative. “Our goal is to stimulate a global conversation that will make sure AI is used responsibly by governments and the private sector around the world.”

Determining how to govern AI has attracted thoughtful proposals and standards from a wide range of organizations, from the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to the European Union and the African Union. The new initiative plans to build on the earlier work and expand collaboration on an international scale.

The Artificial Intelligence International Accord Initiative begins with three primary goals:

  • Build a consensus around the framework for an international accord on AI standards.
  • Establish a Democratic Alliance on Digital Governance to support the accord and its companion document, the Social Contract for the AI Age.
  • Create a monitoring system to observe the uses and abuses of AI by governments and businesses and record violations of the accord and the Social Contract.