AI World Society announces History of AI 2022 Awards

Jan 1, 2023Event Updates, News

BOSTON – The AI World Society announced the History of AI 2022 Awards. The HAI Awards recognize people and achievements in the AI world that are pioneering, meaningful, and influential.


The History of AI 2022 Awards for Achievement go to:

OpenAI – Dall*E 2 and ChatGPT

OpenAI is selected for the HAI 2022 Award due to the organization’s work in DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT.

OpenAI is an AI research lab, with a mission statement of “promoting and developing friendly AI in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.” The project was founded in 2015 by individuals and groups such as Sam Altman, Elon Musk, AWS, and Y Combinator, who invested over $1 billion into the venture.

DALL-E 2 is a deep learning model that generates images and drawings through user prompts. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that was launched in late November 2022. Users can ask questions or prompts, and ChatGPT could respond in kind, similar to what a human would answer.

There are concerns with DALL-E 2, and other AI art generators broadly, on copyright infringements. As these models study works done by artists, many see it as not being fairly compensated for their efforts. On the other program, ChatGPT’s flaws include some issues with answers to questions, with some accuracy. Some also have fears about it in education, that students may be able to spoof actual writing with whatever ChatGPT spit out.

Policies that could potentially combat these issues in OpenAI’s programs include oversight or guidance to be beneficial to mankind, moving them away from sensitive or social-manipulating arenas. To this end, it should be ensured that DALL-E and ChatGPT would follow BGF guidelines and the fundamental rights and ethics.


Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment” and

Distinguished Global Enlightenment Speech of Amandeep Gill  – Global Digital Compact

The first Distinguished Global Enlightenment Speech was delivered by Amandeep Gill, UN Under-Secretary General, Envoy on Technology, at the ceremony at Harvard University Loeb House on November 22, 2022 to honor him with the World Leader in AIWS Award 2022.

Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment” was announced and discussed at the ceremony, with its cores being:

Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) aims to bring scientists, academics, government officials and industry leaders together to keep AI a benign force serving humanity’s best interests and contributing to the realization of the hopes of Pope Francis and that of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who has proposed a “Global Digital Compact, based on shared principles for an open, free and secure digital future. We look forward also to an Age of Global Enlightenment where every person can be an innovator and opportunities are created for all individuals, businesses, and organizations to support a Global Enlightenment Education Program (GEEP) and a Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure (GEEI) and build a home of creativity for themselves.

Global Enlightenment Economy with its focus not only on material and financial values, but contributing to the Age of Global Enlightenment with peace, security, prosperity for every country and every people while preventing extreme nationalism in any country. This would inform the Global Enlightenment Polity where all individuals can participate in policy deliberations, introduce new ideas and contribute in all ways to collective global wellbeing. GEEI would also challenge misinformation and disinformation, fulfilling a United Nations vision of digital trust and security. The Manifesto will seek, in particular, to contribute to the preparations for and deliberations at the United Nations “Summit of the Future” called by Secretary-General Guterres for September 2024.


The History of AI 2020 Awards to Individuals go to:

OpenAI co-founder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskeever

He has made several major contributions to the field of deep learning. He is the co-inventor, with Alex Krizhevsky and Geoffrey Hinton, of AlexNet, a convolutional neural network. Sutskever is also one of the many authors of the AlphaGo paper.

The History of AI 2022 Awards will be featured at the AI World Society City. The AI World Society (AIWS) City, established in collaboration with the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid, and the United Nations Academic Impact, is a practical model for the Age of Global Enlightenment.



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