Statement of Global Enlightenment Leaders addressing Putin to end the war with Ukraine

Feb 21, 2023News

Boston, MA, February 24, 2023,

The Global Enlightenment Leaders of the Boston Global Forum are still deeply concerned about the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused immeasurable suffering to the Ukrainian people and has resulted in the loss of countless lives. Today marks one year since the war began, and we strongly urge President Putin to take immediate action to end the hostilities and withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine.

The peoples of Ukraine and Russia should be able live in peace, and it is only through dialogue and respect for the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine, that a lasting peace can be achieved. We call on President Putin to work towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict and to prioritize the needs of the people of Ukraine and Russia over political ambitions. We urge all parties to the conflict to come to the negotiating table and work towards a peaceful solution.

The Global Enlightenment Leaders of the Boston Global Forum stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and call on the international community to support their efforts to end the war. On April 29, 2022, Boston Global Forum honored President Zelensky and all Ukrainian people with World Leader for Peace and Security Award, and develop a plan of rebuilding Ukraine after war. We believe that peace is possible, and we will continue to work towards a world where conflicts are resolved through peaceful means. It is time for the war in Ukraine to end, and we call on all parties to take immediate action to make this a reality.