E-Government is the use of communication and information technology to improve the performances of public sector agencies. The Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute announced the concepts of AI-Government on June 25, 2018, as a part of AI World Society Initiative. AI-Government transcends E-Government by applying AI to assist in decision making for all critical public sector functions – most notably provision of public services, performance of civic functions, and evaluation of public officials.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not solely confined to the robots we see on Silicon Valley start-up companies’ websites and in dystopian movies. Rather, in recent years, AI has become ubiquitous in our lives, from Microsoft programs running the numbers and organizing data to help us save time, to online purchases and banking applications, to Uber and Lyft rides, to smart personal assistants.


Cyberwarfare is an increasing risk in 2017, as state actors develop and deploy sophisticated cyber capabilities that threaten critical infrastructure and assets such as power, water, financial, information, military, and command and control networks. Over a billion user accounts and highly confidential personal records have been compromised in the past several years


The Issue of the Year for 2016 is to Build G7 Cyber-Security Norms. Boston Global Forum (BGF) provided input to the agenda for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit.


Boston Global Forum (BGF) today announced that it will devote the remainder of 2015 to confronting the emerging peril of Cyber Warfare.
Boston Global Forum’s 2015 goal is to increase global awareness of the threat of cyber warfare and its consequences and to propose practical solutions to reduce the threat of cyber terrorism and prevent cyber warfare.
The Boston Global Forum will call for leaders of every profession including business, education, the arts, law, medicine and government to support for this campaign. All of its activities will be focused on building the Ethics Code of Conduct for Cyber Peace and Security.