Why AI could be one of the most disruptive technologies in history

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly made the transition from future technology to one that surrounds us in our everyday lives. AI is being built into the products and services we use each day to transform our lives for the better but we will know how this emerging technology affect the future of work.

To understand the growing role AI is playing in the lives of both businesses and consumers, Jeff Wong, Ernst & Young (EY) Global Chief Innovation Officer, has elaborated important points as follows:

AI has sa ignificant ability to improve efficiency- doing things faster and with more accuracy.  In particular, AI saved 2.1 million hours of people’s time by automating repetitive tasks. He also stressed out the obligation of leaders of companies and governments around the world to invest in their communities and workforces to make sure that all people are developing skills that will enable them to evolve and grow with the AI change. It is strongly aligned with AIWS government and Practices Index for AI Ethics, which has been developed by Michael Dukakis Institute (MDI) to promote government’s AI activities for human values and constructive use of AI.