Successful and Historic: SpaceX, NASA launched Crew Dragon for the first time

“I really believe in the future of space, and I think it’s important that we become a space-faring civilization and get out there among the stars,” Eron Musk said in a post-launch press conference after the successful launch of Drew Dragon, his company’s first capsule built to fly astronauts.

Early Saturday morning, March 2nd at 2:49AM EST, SpaceX launched its first Crew Dragon on a Falcon 9 rocket, sending the spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). It is currently chasing the ISS and will arrive at the orbiting lab early Sunday (March 3rd) for docking trials. The craft will return home on March 8th, off the coast of Florida.

It has been 17 years trying, and today’s launch proved a huge success for SpaceX. The spaceship is carrying, still, a stuffed toy pretending an astronaut. Musk is hopeful that the data obtained from the mission will help determine whether the crew module is ready to launch with people on board this July. And he would be happy to be a passenger one day soon.

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