Populism, political mistrust and misinformation in the digital era

World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid Members Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien and Jorge Quiroga led the discussion in the thought-provoking Next Generation Democracy (NGD) America roundtable in San Francisco.

NGD is a program led by the Club de Madrid to facilitate discussion on and promote democracy worldwide. The aim of the NGD America meeting was to break the silos between political leaders and academic experts and the world of technology entrepreneurs and to start a direct and sincere dialogue among these spheres. “The tech world is very good at listening to itself but now we want to listen to others,” Newco’s CEO John Battelle said.

How can corporations and tech industries integrate democracy into their business model? BGF and MDI have been working closely with the Club de Madrid in developing AIWS and the 7-layer model to build Next Generation Democracy.