Walter Langelaar to Speak at BGF-G7 Summit Conference

AIWS is excited to announce that Walter Langelaar, co-creator of the world’s first AI politician, SAM, will be speaking at our annual BGF-G7 Summit Conference in April. Mr. Langelaar and his co-researchers have designed an artificial intelligence that’s creating a policy platform based on conversations with New Zealand voters. By speaking with humans, SAM learns not only how to better interact with them, but also what their opinions are on a broad range of issues. Langelaar and his colleagues hope that SAM will be ready to run in New Zealand’s 2020 general election. We are excited to work with Mr. Langelaar to consider the ethics of this new technology.
The BGF-G7 Summit Conference is an annual event that brings together academic, business, and government leaders from G7 countries to discuss pressing issues. The initiatives created at the conference get sent on to the G7 Summit. In 2017, BGF created the Taormina Plan for consideration at the G7 Summit in Taormina, Italy in May 2017. The plan proposed methods to improve cybersecurity and combat fake news through increased state cooperation.
In 2016, the BGF-G7 announced the Ise-Shima Norms which called for the adoption of standard cybersecurity norms, encouraged cybersecurity experts to more openly share their best practices, and emphasized the need for more engagement between states, industries, and leading scholars.
The 2018 BGF-G7 Summit Conference will be held this April at Harvard University. This year special attention will be given to artificial intelligence. BGF and AIWS will announce the first part of our Ethical Framework for AI, and announce the first ever recipients of our World Leader in AI Award.