Network World Asia: Global Cyber Civil Defense campaign launched to enhance cybersecurity


(November 25, 2016) At its most recent Boston Global Forum symposium at Harvard University, political, military and academic leaders from the United States, Vietnam and Japan called for the establishment of a “Global Citizenship Education in Cyber Civil Defense” program to help stem the rising tide of internet hacking, cybercrime and other internet misdeeds.

While malware, DDoS and ransomware get all the press attention, government and other experts at the session overwhelmingly agreed that the majority of successful email hacks and cyber theft, does not result from sophisticated coding. Rather the hackers depend on missteps by individual internet users. Folks seem unable to resist clicking on seemingly friendly links and providing passwords, or personal and banking information.

The Global Citizen Education in Cyber Civil Defense is expected to ward off these intrusions through greater awareness, knowledge of such cyber perils, and personal involvement.

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